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Results achieved
Results achived
The assurance of efficiency in an enormous structure such as the Ecad needs a meticulous monitoring and management of resources and processes. 
Together with team qualification, factors such as the continuous improvement of process, monitoring of operational standards, a constant policy focusing cost reduction, the increase in quality and efficiency of the work being performed and the automation of several activities have granted the Ecad, throughout the years, positive financial outcomes that result in a larger distribution of copyrights to music right-owners. Without a modern structure and qualified personnel, the collection and distribution activities would never achieve the goals of the associations that made up the Ecad, of the Ecad management and of the representatives of thousands of affiliated right-owners.
The Ecad is annually audited by independent and reputable market companies, and also by public agencies such as the Federal Income Office and the Social Services Office (INSS), and the figures of the Ecad are approved year after year. Even when the law does not require publication of the social and financial accounts (including the sustainability report), in recent years the Ecad has been publishing, in large circulation newspapers or on the Ecad website, the accounts and social information, in order demonstrate the transparency of its work. In the Financial Balance Sheet, for example, the assets, investment, income and expenses are detailed, as well as other information.
The preparation of the social accounts of the Ecad portrays the trend of many companies, which are socially responsible vis-à-vis their personnel and the community.
“The creation of the Ecad is the implementation of the desire of  artists and a step forward in the management of copyrights and public performance rights in Brazil, through the collective management of the music associations of which the Ecad is made up. Both an example of democracy and respect towards the diverse interests involved”.
Gloria Braga, executive superintendent of the Ecad
Ecad distributes over US$ 236 million worth of copyrights on public performance rights of music 2015
Despite all the difficulties faced in 2015, when Brazil was dealing with the worst economic crisis in  recent years, the sector of copyrights in public performance of music was able to overcome the obstacles and is now celebrating the achieved results.  Escritório Central de Arrecadação e Distribuição (Ecad) – a non-profit private institution, is in charge, jointly with eight music associations, for the collective and distribution management of copyrights in public performance of music in Brazil – in 2015, US$ 236 million were distributed to 155,399 copyrights holders (composers,  performers, musicians, publishers and sound recording producers) and associations. An amount practically 10% above the target set for the year. Out of the total amount of funds distributed, 68% were handed over to the national repertoire.
In comparison with 2014 figures, the segments recording the most significant growth in values distributed were Background Music (84.67%), St. John’s June Festivities (Festa Junina, 45,94%) and Cinema (27,30%).
The concerts that happened in the country in 2015 also represented a significant contribution in this result. Large national and international performances livened the audiences and paid copyrights, such as, for example, the music festivals Rock in Rio, Lollapalooza and Tomorrowland, besides shows like Monsters Tour, EDC –  Electric Daisy Carnival 2015, David  Guetta,  Foo  Fighters,  Kesha,  Smashing  Pumpkins,  Kiss, System of a Down, Slipknot and Mastodon, Pearl Jam, Katy Perry, among many others. Just from live music performance in Rock in Rio, the largest music festival and entertainment in the country, about US$ 1.7 million were distributed to 1,396 copyright’s holders and associations.
Check below the rankings of the most frequently played music and the authors with the highest   earnings in the Concert’s segment in 2015, evidencing that national music was a highlight. “Lepo lepo” leads the ranking of most frequently played music for the second year in a row, and composer and singer Sorocaba, who in 2014 came second in the ranking of authors with highest earnings in the Concert’s segment, took the lead in 2015.
Ranking of most frequently played music in 2015 in Concerts
1 - Lepo lepo (Magno Santana/Filipe Escandurras)
2 - Maus bocados (Gerson Gabriel/Rafael/Bruno Varajão)
3 - Jeito carinhoso (Allê  Barbosa)
4 - Domingo de manhã (Bruno Caliman)
5 - Porque homem não  chora (Ronny dos Teclados)
6 - Gordinho gostoso (Dj Ivis)
7 - Até você voltar (Juliano Tchula/Marília Mendonça)
8 - Nao tô valendo nada (Henrique Tavares/Juliano)
9 - Logo eu (Samuel Deolli/Filipe Labret)
10 - Fui fiel (Fabio  O'Brian/Pablo/Magno Santana/Filipe Escandurras)
11 - Vai no cavalim (Big Big/Samy Coelho)
12 - Praieiro (Manno Góes)
13 - País tropical (Jorge Ben Jor)
14 - Não quero dinheiro (Tim Maia)
15 - Calma (Elcio di Carvalho/Gustavo/Marília Mendonça/Fred Willian)
16 - Vida mais ou menos (Tiago Doidão)
17 - Nocaute (Samuel Deolli/André Vox)
18 - Tem xenhenhém (Tatau)
19 - Cê que sabe (Dudu Borges/Rafael/Kaua/Pedro Netto)
20 - Faça ela feliz (Cuida bem  dela) (Juliano Tchula/Maraísa/Marília Mendonça/Daniel Rangel)
Ranking of authors with highest copyright earnings in 2015 from Concerts
1- Sorocaba       
2- Roberto Carlos           
3- Dave Grohl   
4- Marcelo Camelo        
5- Erasmo Carlos             
6- Lulu Santos  
7- Caetano Veloso         
8- Nando Reis  
9- Tim Maia       
10- Herbert Vianna        
11- Bruno Caliman
12- Jorge Ben Jor
13- Rodrigo Amarante
14- Dorgival Dantas
15- Jorge
16- Carlinhos Brown
17- Gilberto Gil
18- Victor Chaves
19- Magno Santana
20- Matheus
Clearly evidencing the importance of the information technology to the work of this institution, that has been contributing for the achievement of several copyrights collection and distribution records, for the fourth time, in 2015, Ecad was named one of the 100 more innovative companies in use of IT, in a report produced by the company IT Mídia jointly with PricewaterhouseCoopers.
Escritório Central ranked second in the “Assorted Services” category and 55th in the general ranking, competing with the case implementation of cloud data storage (cloud computing).
To Ecad, the investments made in cloud computing represents a significant innovation with relevant benefits, such as cost cutting, security in case of physical server service interruption, simplified management and scalability, which means that its storage capacity may be increased as demand grows.  Additionally, the data available on the cloud can be accessed from anywhere.
The institution was also previously awarded for the systems Ecad. Tec CIA Rádio and Ecad.Tec CIA Audiovisual that automatically capture, record and identify music played on radios and TVs, respectively, and the EcadNet, a database of musical works and sound recordings made available by Ecad to the general public on its website.
Check Ecad 2015 database figures below:
Music users: 515 thousand
Musical works: 6.3 million
Sound recordings: 4.8 million
Audiovisual works: 125 thousand
Payment slips issued on a monthly basis: 88 thousand
Website views ( 472 thousand
Check below the list of authors with highest earnings from copyrights in 2015 who had their music played by the radio stations all over the country.
Ranking of authors with highest copyright earnings in 2015 from Radio
1- Bruno Caliman
2- Anderson Freire 
3- Roberto Carlos
4- Sorocaba
5- Nando Reis
6- Victor Chaves 
7- Erasmo Carlos
8- Umberto Tavares 
9- Marília Mendonça 
10 - Juliano Tchula 
11- César Augusto
12- Jefferson Junior 
13- Solange de Cesar 
14- Caetano Veloso 
15- Lulu Santos 
16- Djavan 
17- Ray 
18- Zezé Di Camargo 
19- Herbert Vianna 
20- Paula Fernandes
Brazilian authors also stood out in the “Live Music Performance” sector. Djavan, Lulu Santos and Renato Russo where the three performers with the largest earnings from copyrights in this category.
Ranking of authors with highest copyright earnings  in 2015 from Live Music Performance
1- Djavan 
2- Lulu Santos 
3- Renato Russo 
4- Caetano Veloso 
5- Nando Reis 
6- Herbert Vianna 
7- Zé Ramalho 
8- Bruno Caliman 
9- Roberto Carlos 
10- Tim Maia 
11- Alceu Valença
12- Vinícius  de Moraes
13- Allê Barbosa
14- Chico Buarque
15- Gilberto Gil
16- Jorge Ben Jor
17- Rafael
18- Victor Chaves
19- Gonzagão
20- Erasmo Carlos
The children’s hits Patati Patatá and Galinha Pintadinha led Yorrana Plinta, Marcos Luporini and João Walter Plinta to the 3 first places in the ranking of the   Party Venues (Casas de Festas) segment, followed by Anitta and Vanessa Alves.
Ranking of authors with highest copyright earnings in 2015 in Party Venues
1- Yorrana Plinta 
2- Marcos Luporini 
3- João Walter Plinta 
4- Anitta 
5- Vanessa Alves 
6- Michael Sullivan 
7- Paulo Massadas 
8- Miguel 
9- Dennis Dj 
10- Arnaldo Saccomani 
11- Calvin Harris
12- Pharrell
13- Filipe Escandurras
14- Magno Santana
15- Naldo Benny
16- Djavan
17- Umberto  Tavares
18- Tim Maia
19- Marcelo Ferreira Menezes
20- Jefferson Junior
In the segment “Entertainment Venues” (night clubs, pubs, bars and others), the list of those who received the highest earnings from of copyrights in 2015 shows a mix of genres, including authors of funk, forró, sertanejo, international pop,  axé hits etc.
Ranking of authors with the highest earnings from copyrights in 2015 in Entertainment Venues
1- Bruno Caliman
2- Dennis Dj
3- Dorgival Dantas
4- Henrique Tavares
5- Calvin Harris
6- Magno Santana
7- Rafael
8- Marília Mendonça
9- Allê Barbosa
10- Filipe Escandurras
11- Ronny dos Teclados
12- Renato Russo
13- Sorocaba
14- Jorge Ben Jor
15- Thales Lessa
16- Samuel Deolli
17- Juliano Tchula
18- Tiago Doidão
19- Tim Maia
20- Juliano
In the “Background Music” segment, comprising live music performance at commercial establishments equipped with sound systems, like stores, department stores, supermarkets and shopping centers, Nando Reis,  Lulu  Santos,  Herbert  Vianna,  Victor  Chaves and Djavan  are, respectively, the copyrights holders whit the  highest earnings from  copyrights in 2015 in this segment.
Ranking of authors with highest earnings from copyrights in 2015 in Background Music
1- Nando Reis 
2- Lulu Santos 
3- Herbert Vianna 
4- Victor Chaves 
5- Djavan 
6- Samuel Rosa 
7- Sorocaba 
8- Caetano Veloso 
9- Gilberto Gil 
10- Vanessa da Mata 
11- Jack Johnson
12- Jorge Ben Jor
13- Ryan Tedder
14- Calvin Harris
15- Max Martin
16- Pharrell
17- Marisa Monte
18- Bruno Caliman
19- Arnaldo Antunes
20- Renato Russo
Note that the sampling methods adopted by Ecad in Radios, Party Venues, Entertainment Venues, Live Music Performance Establishments, Background Music, Carnival and June St. John Festivities were certified by Instituto IBOPE Inteligência, reference company specialized in qualitative and quantitative surveys, ensuring increasingly fair and accurate compensation paid to copyrights holders.
It is important to emphazise that the good performance of the Distribution area in 2015 also reflects the success of the strategies implemented by Ecad’s Collection and Legal Departments. Among other factors, this resulted from the strategies aimed at the recovery of users in debits, with agreements executed by Ecad with the subscription TV stations Vivo and GVT, several radio stations, besides new and renewed contracts with large enterprises that are back ground music users. The increased operating capacity – from the opening of new Ecad units-, the collection campaigns focusing on special events, the continuous efforts aimed at music user awareness developed by the staff at the units and the non-judicial settlement agreements were also relevant factors to this scenario.
The actions taken by the Legal department also played a relevant role towards the achievement of 2015 results by collecting amounts through the successful settlement of judicial and extra judicial agreements. The Brazilian courts have been consolidating their stand facing the enforcement of the effective Copyrights Law providing protection for copyrights holders from any unauthorized use of their work.
In this area, Ecad achieved significant successes when dealing with music users while defending payment of copyrights on public music performance. Among the successful proceedings along the year, those won by Ecad against the Accor Hotels, Sesc in Rio Grande do Sul and RBM Cinemas LTDA deserve special mention.
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